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Meeting National at Cambrai, 17 May 1998

With the help of the 'mil-spotters list, Harold van Eupen and Arno Cornelissen, I was able to make the first version of this list. Surely there will be updates to this list.
Also a number of photo's are placed.
For unit info you can have a look at the units based at Cambrai.

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On Sunday May 17th 1998, the French Air Force organized a 'Meeting National' at 'Base Aeriene 103' at Cambrai/Epinoy. Each year on 3 air bases geografically spread throughout France, a major 'Meeting National' is organized by the French Air Force. Besides that, some other bases may organize a local and smaller 'Portes Ouvertes' (Open Day).

BA 103 Cambrai is an air defense base, located in the north of France. On Cambrai, 2 'Escadrons de Chasse' (Fighter Wings) with Mirage 2000C's are based. EC 01.012 with the '12-Y.' registration and  EC 02.012 with '12-K.' registrated aircraft.

Cambrai is famous for it's magnificent flight line. All flying aircraft can be photographed from a close distance before and after the flight and during taxiing. The static aircraft are positioned quite well, so photographing is relatively good early in the morning.

The Frecce Tricilore and the Patrouille de France performed in the flight show. Highlight of the show was (as always) a Mirage 4 with JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off), whereby small rockets are used to decrease the take off length. Another remarkable event during the day was a high level intercept by 2 Mirage 2000's. 2 Mirages (the intruders) flew from West to East at some 8 km height, with contrails behind them. 2 other Mirages flew from East to West at treetop level over the runway. Just in front of the public, the low flying aircraft opened their afterburners and went for a steep climb to intercept the intruders. After some high level dog fighting, the Mirages landed.

Photo's of the Meeting National

(c)Sentry Aviation News, 98cbm2000-1.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 98cbe3-1.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 98cbhar.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 98cbjato1.jpg

Units on the base

The name/number of the base is:
BA103 Cambrai/Epinoy "Cdt Rene MOUCHOTTE"
It's runway, direction 10/28, has a length of 2530m.

On the base, 2 'wings' with Mirage 2000's are based:
  • EC 01.012 "Cambresis" flies the Mirage 2000C/B-RDI (12-Yx)
      1 escadrille: SPA162 "Tete de tigre"
      2 escadrille: SPA 89 "Abeille"
      3 escadrille: SPA166 "Aigle de sable et d'argent"
  • EC 02.012 "Picardie" flies the Mirage 2000C/B-RDI (12-Kx)
      1 escadrille: SPA173 "Oiseau bleu"
      2 escadrille: SPA172 "Perroquet rouge"
      3 escadrille: SPA 90 "Coq chantant"
  • EAM 09.103 flies the CM170R Fouga Magister (103-Cx)

  • The link tot the French Air Force is Armee de l'air

    The info on this based on information from Harold van Eupen (Sentry Aviation News), the mil-spotters mailing list and the unofficial French Air Force site of Armee de l'air unofficial

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