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Photo's made at Geilenkirchen.

More background information is available too.

Some of the visitors for an AFCENT change-of-command.

Thanks to PIO J. Hijmenberg of Geilenkirchen.
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Background information

In Germany, Northwest of Cologne, Geilenkirchen is the main operating air base of the NATO Airborne Early Warning Force's E-3A aircraft.

On Monday 30th, Geilenkirchen was visited by some very interesting VIP planes. At the nearby command center of NATO's AFCENT (Air Forces in Central Europe) in Brunssum, the Netherlands, a change in command took place. Because Geilenkirchen was the nearest air base (only 10 km away), most high ranking military visitors were flown to the base. Besides the visitors from NATO countries, also visitors from the former Eastern block (Lettonian, Slovanian, Chech) countries were present. As a salute, a fly-by was organized with an E-3A (LX-N90459) and F-16's and Tornado's.

Credits: Geilenkirchen PIO.

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