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Press Day Spangdahlem, Januari 23, 1998

This page will supply a list of participating aircraft.
The info on this based on information from Joris van Boven of Sentry Aviation News.
Also a number of photo's are placed.
On this day, a number of Tiger pilots came to say goodbey to the F-15's of the 53 (Tiger) FS. Unfortunately, many Tiger pilots came by car. On the base, only 1 F-15, 2 Mig-29's, 2 F-4's and a Tornado could be photographed.
It was a cold and foggy morning at Spangdahlem that day. The temperature was just +1 degree celsius, the visibility was poor due to the fog.
In March 1999, the last F-15 will have left Spangdahlem for the US. The remaining aircraft will be A-10 and F-16.

Visiting aircraft

SP84005F-1553 FS/USAFE 

Photo's of platform

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Credits: PRO Spangdahlem Air base (Internet

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