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Norvenich Open Day, 4 October 1998

This page will supply a list of visiting and participating aircraft. With the help of Harold van Eupen I was able to make the first version of this list. Surely there will be updates to this list.
Also a number of photo's are placed.

Visiting aircraft

4421 4430 4441 4459 4466 4509 4510 Tornados JBG 31 
4579(s/c)Tornado JBG 31 
4647 (s/c) Tornado JBG 32 
4408 (s/c) Tornado JBG 38 
mm7005/6-05Tornado 6 Stormo/AMI 
mm7006/6-16 Tornado 6 Stormo/AMI 
mm7019/50-05 Tornado 50 Stormo/AMI 
mm54254/4-36 TF104G-M 4 Stormo/AMI 
mm54558/4-46 TF104G-M 4 Stormo/AMI 
A108/7HQJaguar A EC7/FAF 
A130/7HU Jaguar A EC7/FAF 
E188 F16A RDAF 
ET198 F16B RDAF 
SP810958 A10A 81FS/USAFE 
SP820656A10A 81FS/USAFE 
J879 (s/c) F16A 312Sq/RNethAF 
AT25 AlphaJet RBAF 
N417FS F100F Tracor FS 
DA+231 F104G JBG31/Lw/pres. 
29+25 MiGUB JG73/Lw 
38+57 F4F JG74/Lw 
99+11 G91RLw/pres. 
50+96 C160D Lw 
61+14 Br1150 MFG3/GN 
71+13 UH1D Lw 
71+74 UH1D Lw 
86+81 Bo105P Heer 
88+06 Bo105P Heer 
58+41 Do28 ex JBG31/Lw 

Photo's of the Open Day

This is only a small selection of the present aircraft. Despite the weather, the Italian participation was a highlight.
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