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AreoCity and Museum Montelimar, August 1998

Also a number of photo's are placed.

AreoCity Amusement park, Aubenas, Ardeche, France, August 1998

AreoCity is an amusement park south of Aubenas in the Ardeche, France. It's theme is aviation. Several civil and military planes are placed between the attractions. The civil planes are not listed here.
124CM170FAFUgly fences all around
3Breguet 941SFAFV/STOL cargoplane
ID read from nosewheel door.
Big AeroCity logo sprayed on it.
98....Alouette IIAlatRest of ID unreadable

Musee Europeen de l'Aviation de Chasse, Montelimar, France, August 1998

This open air museum is located at the airfield Ancone of Montelimar. The museum is between the A7 (Route du Soleil) exits Montelimar-Nord and Montelimar-Sud. Just south of the 4 exhaust-pipes from the electricity complex at Montelimar. On most days it is opened from 14.00 to 17.00.
9858Fiat 91 T3LuftwaffeTailcode is: G91T/3-0021
Kept in flyworthy conditions
-F-84BAFNo markings at all due to restauration
J-4067Hunter mk58aSwiss AFKept in flyworthy conditions
2394Mig 21 USLuftwaffe 
55Mirage IIIcFAF 
292/1001Mirage III EXFAFPrototype of Mirage III with canards, ID read from nosewheel door
6Mig 23 MFLuftwaffeNo other markings
(99)27OV-10BLuftwaffeOnly nr. 27 on the nose.
9924OV-10BLuftwaffeRestaurated, now flying as F-AZKM
228FlamandFAFRestaurated, now flying as F-AZAI
57CM170FAFStored behind hangar
101CM170FAFStored behind hangar
214OuraganFAF, PdFFreshly painted
21113T-33FAF ?Hardly any ID visible
-MystereFAFNo ID, due to restauration
XD613Vampire T mk.11RAFBad condition
23BroussardFAFNow flying as F-GGKS

TIP: If you are driving from North to South, exit the A7 at Montelimar-Nord. Follow the N7 to the south, visit the museum, take a snack at the Mc Donald just before you enter the A7 at Montelimar-Sud. Then continue your route.
BTW My preferred stop is in Belgium at the La Chouffe Brewery

Photo's of AreoCity and Montelimar Museum

AeroCity and Montelimar museum

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