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E-3 AWACS flight

During the 2nd week of Frisian Flag 2012, a flight in an E-3A AWACS of the NATO airbase Geilenkirchen in Germany took place. It started with a briefing on base and after take-off of 'NATO05' , a very bumpy air-to-air refueling took place with a KC-135, flying overhead northern Germany.

During the flight overhead the center of the Netherlands (between Utrecht and Eindhoven), MAGIC55 controlled the 'RED forces' of Frisian Flag. 5 F-16s (SKIMMER, IVAN , IGOR), 2 Gripens (POKER) and 3 Eurofighters (DALTON) attacked the 'BLUE forces' controlled by AOCS Nieuw-Milligen.

Some 20 persons of various nalionalities were onboard (Dutch, German, French, American, Spanish, Italian, Canadian) were located in the E-3A AWACS. 4 in the cockpit and the rest on the flightdeck behind their consoles.

Thanks to PAO ter Horst of Geilenkirchen airbase for the support during this mission.

All photo's:
G.J.A. van Boven
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