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A ride with a KC-135E from 108 ARW

From July 26 to August 7, tankers from the 108 ARW (New Jersey ANG) were for the second time at Geilenkirchen in 1998. In March they were here for the first time. Fortunately, I was able to make a ride with one of their tankers (58-0040) on July 30, 1988. During this 4-and-a-half-our flight, a E-3A and a TCA from Geilenkirchen were refueled over North-western Germany. The tanker flew an oval track roughly between Rheine-Hopsten and Schleswig-Jagel. About 20 times.
Herewith we like to thank Geilenkirchen PIO J. Hijmenberg, 108 ARW PIO K. Frazier ;-) for their assistance. And ofcourse the crew of the plane, especially 'Boomer' Larry Hoffman for his explanations during the flight.

After a one hour briefing, we went to the tanker at 08.00. After fastening the seatbelts, the tanker took off at about 08.25.
The noise was incredible. Even with earplus, my ears kept whistling until the other day.
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