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Basevisit at Norvenich, Germany, 21 and 30 July 1998

These are the photographic results from 2 basevisits to Norvenich.
Norvenich, a few kilometers west of Cologne, Germany, houses the JaBoG 31 'Boelcke' Geschwader (wing). 2 Staffels (squadrons) fly with the Tornado.
Another Staffel (squadron), 2. Hubschraubertransportstaffel flies with the Bell UH-1D.
Between April and September 1998, the Tornado's from JaBoG 33 (Buchel) were located on Norvenich, due to runway repairs. Have a look for the JaBoG 33 planes.
A nice visitor that day was a Mig-29.

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The 21st a Mig -29 came by for a fuel stop.
On July 30, 2 French Jaguars flew a mission and stayed for a night over.

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