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Last Fokker-60's to Peru

Woensdrecht AB, 03 December 2010, (ICAO code EHWO)
On Friday December 03rd, 2010, the last 2 Fokker-60 aircraft of the Dutch Air Force (“Konklijke Luchtmacht”) were transferred to the Peruvian Navy.
The 4 Fokker-60 aircraft started their operational lives as Fokker-60 Utility aircraft in the role as combined personnel and cargo transport aircraft. This aircraft type was able to transport an F-16 engine, due the to a strengthened cargofloor and a extended cargodoor.

All photo's:
G.J.A. van Boven
© Sentry Aviation News

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In 2005, 2 Fokker-60 were refurbished as intermediate maritime patrol aircraft (Fokker-60 MPA) in the Caribbean area, after the phase-out of the Dutch P-3 Orions. The registrations of these 2 aircraft were U-01 and U-03, and in June 2010 the aircraft were sold and delivered to the Peruvian Navy.
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The remaining 2 Fokker-60 (U-02 and U-04) were sold and delivered to the Peruvian Navy in December 2010. Flown by ferry-crews of the Southern Cross company, the last 2 Fokker-60s left the Dutch soil at the end of the day, some 30 minutes before sunset. The aircraft with registration AE565 (former U-02, callsign SXI1044) and AE566 (former U-04, callsign SXI1045) took off for a long trip from Woensdrecht to Keflavik, Goose Bay, Halifax, Bermuda, Curacao, Iquitos into destination Lima, Peru.
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20101203_ehwo_fokker60-peru_mt03_jvb_3968.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20101203_ehwo_fokker60-peru_mt03_jvb_3973.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20101203_ehwo_fokker60-peru_mt03_jvb_3975.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20101203_ehwo_fokker60-peru_mt03_jvb_3978.jpg
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Besides the photos in the colors of the Peruvian Navy, there are some historical photos in the 2 tone grey livery of the Dutch Air Force, photos taken in 2006 and 2007 at Eindhoven AB in the Netherlands.
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