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Gripens at Reims

End of March 2007, 6 SAAB Gripens flew to Base Aerienne 112, Reims in France. The Gripens came from the 17 Wing at Ronneby, Sweden, one of the 2 Swedish reconnaissance squadrons.
> In 2005, recce-aircraft from both Ronneby and Reims participated in the ADEX 2005, an international air defence exercises in Finland. In Finland the basis for further cooperation was established. The Swedish squadron went to France in 2007 to another foreign exercise, as there was no budget for a local exercise in Sweden. Arriving in France on March 22 2007, the first days were used for some familiarization missions. The first real missions involved recce missions, together with Mirage F1ís from Reims. On Tuesday an ECM (Electronic Counter Measure) mission was planned to the Polygone range in Germany. Later missions involved air combat missions against Mirage 2000-5ís from Cambrai and against Rafaleís from St-Dizier. Air-to-Air Refueling was exercised on Thursday. On Friday March 30th, the aircraft went back to Sweden.
Participating aircraft: F17 wing from Ronneby
39230,39253,39260,39256,39817, 39823

Report on Aviation-Francaise
Photos on website F 17 - Blekinge Wing

All photo's:
G.J.A. van Boven
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