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Kleine Brogel CAMAO

The 10 Wing at Kleine Brogel Belgium has a reputation of organising one of the best aviation day’s every year.
This year was no exception! On July 20th a CAMAO was held and attracted some 50 aircraft from 12 different nations. Some came over from Fairford on their way home, like the Polish Fitter and four Romanian MiG21’s. But most came special for the day. This year’s price visitors were two A7 Corsairs from the Greek Air Force. They were supposed to be joined by a RF4E but the Phantom broke down in Italy on his way to Belgium. Other stars for the line-up were two Rafale’s and four Super Etendards from the French Navy, a RAF Canberra and Jaguar, 8 French Mirage’s and 7 German Tornado’s. During the afternoon almost all the aircraft flew a big CAMAO mission. Photo opportunities were great along the parallel taxi-way. A big complimant for the organisation!

All photo's:
H.P.A.M van Eupen
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A publication of the KB Camao is in AIREVIEW 2006-01.
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