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The F-16 has seen an major increase in capabilities in the Mid Life Update program. This program will continue with regular software updates to stay compatible with new weapons and radar technology. On of the most important changes is Link 16 communication. With Link 16 aircraft can change information online during flight. If you go to battle, you want to see the whole picture. You need Link 16!

Florennes hosted the TDPU (Tactical Discussion and Procdures Update) to test Link 16 and MLU softwareversion M4. Several Link16 capable units were invited by 350 squadron for a one week flying period. On July 14th a spotters' day was organised.

All photo's:
H.P.A.M van Eupen
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A publication of the TDPU is in AIREVIEW 2006-01.

TDPU participants:
E-603, E-606 F16AM Esk 726 Danish Air Force 
ET-210, ET-614 F16BM Esk 726 Danish Air Force 
J-204 F-16AM 323 Sqn Netherlands AF 
J-210 F-16BM 323 Sqn Netherlands AF 
658 F-16AM Norwegian Air Force 
689 F-16BM Norwegian Air Force 
J-5006, J-5008 F/A-18C Swiss Air Force 
J-5236 F/A-18D Swiss Air Force 
13, 25 Super Etendard11F French Navy 
LX-N90448 E-3A NATO

45+56 Tornado JBG-31 German Air Force
46+33 Tornado ECRJBG-32 German Air Force
AT-18 Alpha Jet 1 W Belgium Air Component
737/93-CI C-135FR ERV 00.093 French Air Force

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