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Last Italian 104 abroad

On 27 October 2004, a special celebration was held at Kleine Brogel AB Belgium. After restoration, an ex Belgian Air Force F-104G Starfighter was presented, which would be placed at a roundabout outside the base as a monument, sometime after this event. Meanwhile this Starfighter has been placed at that particular roundabout. To mark this event a pair of the surviving Starfighters from the Italian Air Force were invited. Unfortunatly one of them had to stay in Italy with mechanical problems. The one that made it, was in a nice red c/s. A large group of ex Belgian Starfighter pilots was also present to attend the festivities. Belgian defence made it possible for aircraft enthusiasts / spotters to witness this all and shoot their pictures of the Belgian and Italian Starfighter. The weather was cloudy and dry, but after the Italian Starfighter landed, there was for a short period even some sunshine. Once again aircraft enthusiasts must be grateful to Belgian Defence, that they made it possible for them to attend such a happening.

All photo's:
R.F. Diepenbroek
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