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All photo's:
G.J.A. van Boven
Place: Reus, Spain and onboard of the USS Kennedy
Date: 20020802
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Visit to the USS John F. Kennedy

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Visiting the USS Kennedy

After some 8 years of efforts (mailing, phonong, faxing), a highly wanted photoreport was about to come true. Tuesday July 30th, an email from the US Navy was received. If it was possible for us to be at Reus Airport (near Tarragona, Spain) on Friday August 2nd. For a visit to the USS John F. Kennedy.
Our answer was YES!!!!.

Although we only like the first 2 minutes of the TopGun movie topgun(the deck operations),we were as happy as Maverick and Goose who went to TopGun. ('You two characters are going to Top Gun') In our case it was like 'You two characters are going to the USS Kennedy'.
Throughout this photoreport, you can listen to some (more or less appropriate) TopGun quotes.

Arrived at Reus Airport, it was unclear what the transportation would be. A helicopter or a C-2 Greyhound. About an hour before departure, 2 C-2A's landed. So that was the way to go. Some 45 minutes after departure, the C-2A pilot opened the cargo door and a nice Air-to-Sea photo could be made.

Publications of the visit

Check out the publications in other media of this visit to the USS Kennedy.


We would like to thank the 6 Fleet PAO (Ross, Richardson), the US attaché in Spain (Wenceslao), the USS Kennedy (all 5200 on board) and all other people involved to make this happen.
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