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50 anniversary 01.012

For the occasion of its 50th anniversary the 01.012 squadron "Cambrésis" organised a commemorative day on June 28th 2002. The squadron was created in May 1952 at Mont de Marsan and moved to Cambrai in June 1953, equiped with the first French jet propelled aircraft the MD450 Ouragan.
After that they flew the Mystere IV A and Super Mystere B2 before the arrival of the Mirage F1C in 1977, on its 25th birthday!. The offical arrival of the Mirage 2000C took place on the 40th anniversary of 01.012.

Together with the 79th TFS of the USAFE and the 74th Squadron of the RAF, the 01.012 Squadron co-founded the association of the NATO Tigers. The aircraft of 01.012 are often painted in a spectacular "tiger-scheme" for the occasion of the annual tiger-meet or other celebrations.
This year was no exception. Mirage 2000C 90 was painted in a very nice scheme of tiger stripes in wich the first jet, the Ouragan, was outlined. For the official ceremony on Friday 28th of June a few fellow tigers made it to Cambrai. Two Spanish Mirage F1's and a German Tornado, also in tiger markings, could be found in the dispersals, together with some historic aircraft. A small air show was held for the visitors after the official part was over.
Next year Cambrai and Squadron 01.012 will host the tiger meet from June 2nd to June 10th. Hopefully many tigers will show up. I still remember the tiger meet in 1986!

All photo's:
H.P.A.M. van Eupen
Place: Cambrai, France
Date: 20020628
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