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Frisian Flag 2001,Leeuwarden

The annual exercise Frisian Flag 2001 at Leeuwarden, brought some exceptional visitors from Finland with F-18c's. Together with the Dutch , German , French and Norwegian participants, they participated in Frisian Flag. The dutch TRA 1 to 8, the german D-100 and the danish BR1 were the main reserved airspace's of the exercise. To train large scale multi-national scenario's for both offensive and defensive Counter Air roles. In close cooperation with 'assets' on the ground, in the air and on open seas. Frisian Flag 2001 was organised (as usual) by the 323 squadron of Leeuwarden.

On the flightline, the finnish groundcrew performed a strange anti-static act with a special broom.
Thanks for the Leeuwarden PRO department for the organization of this day. Due to the tensed status w.r.t. the war in Afghanistan, it was uncertain if this exercise would continue. Whereby the presence of photographers was even uncertain.

All photo's:
G.J.A. van Boven
Place: Leeuwarden
Date: 20011019
© Sentry Aviation News


Finnish participants

The presence of the Finnish F-18's was exceptional because they never appeared in an exercise in the Netherlands before. They changed their planess almost on a daily basis, so number-collectors were very happy these 2 weeks.
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_fiaf_f18_hn407_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_fiaf_f18_hn425_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_fiaf_f18_hn427_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_fiaf_f18_hn446_jvb_mt01.jpg

German participants

4 F-4F's were present.
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_deaf_f4f_3732_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_deaf_f4f_3739_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_deaf_f4f_3830_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_deaf_f4f_3863_jvb_mt01.jpg

French participants

One of the french Mirages, cancelled it;s mission before take-off.
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_fraf_mirage2000n_311_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_fraf_mirage2000n_353_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_fraf_mirage2000n_354_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_fraf_mirage2000n_359_jvb_mt01.jpg

Dutch participants

Dutch F-16's from Volkel, Twenthe ans Leeuwarden participated.
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_nlaf_f16_j002_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_nlaf_f16_j018_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_nlaf_f16_j635_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_nlaf_ab412_r01_jvb_mt01.jpg

Norwegian participants

Besides the norwegian F-16's, there was a Dassault20 (callsign 'noise') present for ECM warfare.
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_noaf_dassault20_041_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_noaf_f16_293_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_noaf_f16_302_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_noaf_f16_674_jvb_mt01.jpg


On the flightline, the anti-static-act was performed for each Finnish F-18. Perhaps this has it's roots in the intense electrostatic atmosphere (Northern Lights) in northern Europe.
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_deaf_f4f_3732-gnd_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_fraf_mirage2000n_353_jvb-gnd_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_fiaf_f18_hn-gnd_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20011019_ehlw_fraf_mirage2000n_354-gnd_jvb_mt01.jpg
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