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AAR mission with a Boeing 707T/T


On Thursday June 27th 2001, Boeing 707T/T (MM62148, coded 14-01, 14 Stormo, 8 Gruppo, Practica di Mare) was planned for an Air-to-Air-Refeuling mission during the exercise Clean Hunter from Geilenkirchen, Germany. 4 Tornado's and 2 Harrier's were planned to be refeuled in Air Refeuling Area 9, for the east coast of the United Kingdom.

With a crew of 2 pilots, 2 mechanic, 2 visual checkers and some additional crewmembers.


The flightplan stated a 1430z departure from Geilenkirchen with the following waypoints.
  • Take off from Geilenkirchen
  • Via Maastricht Control [123.97] to Thorn (THN)
  • Overflying Eindhoven Air Base
  • Via penny91 DutchMil [242.15] to Valkenburg (VBG/EHVB) and MC16
  • Via LondonMil [232.02] to ARA9 (above the North Sea, near Coltishall)
  • Tanker control in ARA9 was LondonMil [299.97]
  • The used boom frequency was [376.95]
  • The flight home went from MC16 via AmsterdamRadar [125.750] to Valkenburg (VBG/EHVB)
  • And DutchMil [128.35] guided the plane to Bruggen
  • Where Geilenkirchen Approach took over for landing around 1600z.
See the map of the flight (Credit: or
the map of the flight (Credit:

Bad luck was that only 1 aircraft, Tornado ZA463/FK from 12sqn Lossiemouth, came along for some fuel. During this exercise 12 to 15 aircraft was normal during a mission. Unfortunately not that day :-(

All photo's:
G.J.A. van Boven
Place: Geilenkirchen, Germany
Date: 20010627
© Sentry Aviation News



The cockpit
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_etng_itaf_b707_cockpit1_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_etng_itaf_b707_cockpit2_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_etng_itaf_b707_cockpit3_jvb_mt01.jpg

2 men of the crew do the visual checking during the refeuling
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_etng_itaf_b707_viewleft_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_etng_itaf_b707_viewright_jvb_mt01.jpg

After the flight, a crew-shot in front of the plane
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_etng_itaf_b707_crew1_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_etng_itaf_b707_crew2_jvb_mt01.jpg

Eindhoven AFB from above
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_eheh_airbase_01_jvb_mt01.jpg

Tornado ZA463 from 12sqn Lossiemouth

(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_egxx_ukaf_tornado_za463-02_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_egxx_ukaf_tornado_za463-03_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_egxx_ukaf_tornado_za463-04_jvb_mt01.jpg
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_egxx_ukaf_tornado_za463-05_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_egxx_ukaf_tornado_za463-06_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010627_egxx_ukaf_tornado_za463-07_jvb_mt01.jpg


Thanks to Italian Air Force:
  • Uffico Stampa: Gagliano
  • 14 Stormo: Montefusco, Del Giudice, Fiori, Samaria, Pelagalli

Thanks to Geilenkirchen:

  • PAO: Riley, Tibideau

Thanks to

  • Jos Frielink for this audioclip.
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