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ODAX 2001

ODAX 2001
Every year for 1 week there is a small air war going on in France. It is called ODAX. Civil airspace is limited to a minimum and the remaining airspace is allocated to the French military ATC. Only experienced pilots (section leaders and above) are allowed to participate.

This year from 19 to 27 april, 2 countries Blue (in the northern part of France) and Orange (in the south) are at war over the Yellow country (in the center). Both countries bring in their allies for support.
Blue received support from Poland, Singapore, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
Orange was supported by Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco.
ODAX 2001 Blue and Orange

On Wednesday April 25th 2001 we were able to visit Nancy (LFSO) and Colmar (LFSC) to make a photoreport. Apparently, the weather was 'typical ODAX'. Which meant that there was lots of rain. The morning mission at Nancy went on as planned but all afternoon missions at Colmar were cancelled due to the weather.

Below is the Blue mission/target planning for 2001-04-25
ODAX 2001-04-25 Blue targets
ODAX 2001 website

All photo's:
G.J.A. van Boven
H.P.A.M van Eupen
© Sentry Aviation News


Nancy (LFSO)

On Nancy it was raining the whole morning ('typical ODAX weather'). Look at he Mirages at take-off.....

Pilot briefing and startup of 1 of the 4-ship. Followed by a take off of the Mirages from a very wet runway
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfso_fraf_briefing02_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfso_fraf_mirage2000_615-gnd_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfso_fraf_mirage2000_to01_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfso_fraf_mirage2000_to03_jvb_mt01.jpg


Colmar (LFSC)

In the afternoon, all ODAX missions from Colmar were cancelled due to the weather. The photo's of the French Mirage F1's are not related to ODAX. These Mirages went on a navigation trip to southern Germany.

Col. Keith Rodriguez of the Singapore AF explained that the Singapore pilots were flown in 2 weeks before the exercise, to familiarize with French ATC at their training base Cazaux. These pilots did not need to familiarize with the 'typical ODAX weather', because they were already used to that in Singapore......
Due to the cancellation of the afternoon mission, the Singapore participants only had their aircraft on the static line, without any flying activities.

French participants

French participants, on routine training mission to southern Germany
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_fraf_miragef1ct_234-gnd_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_fraf_miragef1ct_234_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_fraf_miragef1ct_258_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_fraf_paris_38_jvb_mt01.jpg

Singapore participants

Singapore participants, static only
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_sgaf_a-4s_906_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_sgaf_a-4s_907_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_sgaf_a-4s_928_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_sgaf_a-4s_942_jvb_mt01.jpg
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_sgaf_a-4s_993_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_sgaf_a-4s_all_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_sgaf_a-4s_front_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010425_lfsc_sgaf_a-4s_closeup_jvb_mt01.jpg

Singapore AF website


We want to thank Dumas (SIRPA.AIR), Berard and Heitz (Nancy), Mienville (Colmar), Roboam and Ramery (St Dizier), Rodriguez (Singapore AF) for their efforts in organizing this photoreport.
French Air Force website
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