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Colmar Meetaing National

Expectations were high for this Meeting National on June 30th. One day earlier Squadron 02.030 celebrated its 60th birthday and a very nice Mirage F1CT was seen (so we were told). Unfortunatly this event turned out to be the disappointment of the season. The flightline, were nice photographs could be made, was crowded with almost all the demonstration teams of Europe. This meant that the static would be very small, and worse, be packed in a small space. So two Singaporese Skyhawks, a Austrian Draken and Swedish Viggen were parked between the barriers. In fact the whole static counted 10 aircraft! Then the flying display. We could not believe that no Mirage F1CT took to the skies, not even the special painted aircraft. That aircraft was put away in one of the shelterarea's! Lucky for us the Jaguar of EC 02.007 had special markings for its disbandment. After the Swedish C130, Austrian Draken and French E3F we left to be home for dinner!

All photo's:
H.P.A.M. van Eupen
Place: Colmar, France
Date: 20020630
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