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Belgian Helidays 2002

During the first weekend of June the annual Bierset Helimeet was held on the Belgian airbase of Bierset near Liege. The last few years this event has become one of the major helicopter airshows in Europe. This years edition brought together a mix of military and civilian helicopters.

Of course there were the Augusta's and Alouette's of the homebase itself but also two Hungarian Mi8T's could be found who were on rotation at that time. Other eastern Europe participants were a Polish W3W and Navy Mi14PL. The RAF send a Merlin and Sea King, the Danish Air Force a H500, Lynx and Fennec.

Personal favourites were the French Air Force Alouette 3, Italian A109, A129, AB212 and the Swiss Cougar. The airshow was relative small in comparison to last years edition.

The weather was fine although with lots of sunshine and the transportation from and to the main carpark was (again) very well organised.

All photo's:
H.P.A.M van Eupen
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Bierset Helimeet 20020601

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Special appreciation for Press officer Wilfried Spruyt of the Belgian Helidays 2002.
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