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40 years Rheine-Hopsten

On September 8th the German Phantom Flugplatz Hopsten held an open house, which could be its last. The hosting wing, JG72, is due to be disbanded in 2002 and Hopsten is to be closed in 2006. JG72 celibrated its 40th birthday. For me this was the best German open house in many years.

Although the weather forecast wasn't very good there was a lot of sunshine. Even when one of the big showers turned up the show was stopped for a few minutes so we were able to see a nice airshow and take very nice pictures!

Highlights were the colorful Phantoms of JG72 (3837) , JG73 (3831) and JG74 (3839) which all flew in the afternoon, together with the JG73 MiG29 (2920). JG72 flew also a four ship formation with their F4F's.

Foreign airdisplays were from France (Mirage2000), Switserland (FA18C), Denmark (F16AM) and Belgium (Alphajet). On the ground two Turksch F4E-2020 were shown, Italian F104S, Tornado, MB339 and AMX another Swiss FA18, Danisch, Dutch and Belgian F16, and two French Mirage F1CT's.

All photo's:
H.P.A.M. van Eupen
Place: Rheine Hopsten, Germany
Date: 20010908
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