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Open Dag Luchtmacht Leeuwarden 20010707

This is the first 'draft' version. More updates in the future.

The annual show of the Dutch Air Force was at Leeuwarden in 2001. With beautiful weather (at least on Friday) a very nice show was organised. Main highlight was the delegation of 2 Singapore A-4 at the static show. This was the first time they set foot at Dutch soil during their deployment to Cazaux, France.

It was also possible to see the static line from above, quite a different perspective. In order to visit the flightline a bustour was organized. With an open-top bus. The Flying Show was good. Were the Swiss F-5's gave a flashing end at their show.

In 2002 the annual show will be at Gilze-Rijen.

All photo's:
G.J.A. van Boven
Place: Leeuwarden
Date: 20010707
© Sentry Aviation News


Static Show

The static show
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_nlaf_ah64d_q10_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_nlaf_f16a_j002_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_nlaf_f16b_j066_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_seaf_gripen_173_jvb_mt01.jpg
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_seaf_viggen-ja37_34_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_sgaf_a4s_932_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_sgaf_a4s_938_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_usaf_f15e_910601_jvb_mt01.jpg

From Above

These photo's were made from Bolkow 105 number B-75.
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_nlaf_bo105_b75_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_x_x_flightline_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_sgaf_a4s_flightline_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_usaf_f15e_flightline_jvb_mt01.jpg


Flightline 1 on the north side of the airfield.
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_ukaf_harrier-gr7_zd378_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_traf_f16d_940107_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_plaf_pzl130_044_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_ataf_saab105_bb32_jvb_mt01.jpg

Flying Show

The flying show.
(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_seaf_viggen-ja37_11_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_itaf_ef2000_mmx603_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_deaf_mig29_2905_jvb_mt01.jpg(c)Sentry Aviation News, 20010707_ehlw_swaf_f5_show_jvb_mt01.jpg
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